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What carpal tunnel?

I suffered 18 months with pain that ranged from numbing, throbbing, tingling, burning, excruciating, debilitating, in my right wrist. Anti- Inflammatory meds and a wrist brace prescribed by my favorite doc was not cutting the pain. She said my alternative was surgery. NOT in my mind!  After a meditation to clear that ugly thought, I was lead to Dr. Tran. Only 2 treatments later, using the Graston Technique and his chiropractic adjustments, I was pain-free!!! In less than 10 days, I threw my wrist brace away and was back to enjoying my work again.  Through conversation with Dr. Tran, he recognized it was not only my computer mouse causing overuse, but my entire computer station had to be corrected. He explained my ergonomic benefits to working pain-free. I continued to see Dr. Tran to optimize my overall health, and to make sure I was on my path to complete recovery. Now its up to me to be disciplined to take frequent breaks, follow his recommended wrist exercises, to avoid future damage to my wrist.  Dr. Tran is now on my calendar for regular “tune ups”. If my car deserves regular maintenance and care, I do too! It is my greatest pleasure to highly recommend Dr. Tran. He is compassionate, a great communicator, promotes a holistic lifestyle, and excellent at diagnosing the root cause of your pain. GO NOW, before you are broken, sick, or in pain. You’ll feel renewed.

En-May M.
Auburn, WA

So over the weekend I had Swelling in my Achilles, and went in to see Dr. Tran, he treated me for Achilles Tendinitis. It was very effective, in about 3 days my swelling was gone and so was my pain. I am not a big fan of taking medications, and Dr. Tran have helped me tremendous in my recovery. I am super happy and tell more of my friends to see him.

Tuoi Tre T.
Seattle, WA

Dr. Tran  is a great Chiropractor!  I had GOUT, saw him and told him about it.  He adjusted  and cracked my spine, suggest some special diet, and now I am doing a lot better, no more Gout and more Energy.  Thanks to Dr. Tran.

Do N.
Seattle, WA