About Chiropractic


After a combined 7 years of research at University of Washington, Applied Biosystems, and Amgen, I realized that we cannot prevent the inevitable cycle of life (birth, life, disease, and death).  The proper approach to a quality of life is to optimize your health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) through preventive medicine.

With the chiropractic philosophy, I strive on prevention of disease because our body is design with the innate ability to heal itself.  Western medicine is important as a means for temporary intervention but not for long term because of side effects which may lead to organ failure or death.  The long term approach is to gradually fine tune from the “inside out” the connections of the nervous system(CNS, PNS, Autonomic System), circulatory system, organ systems, muscles, and joints with the natural science of Chiropractic.

The connections of our systems are often disrupted due to stress from work, family, relationships, money, sickness, etc. which can shorten our lifespan. We can further manage our health with proper nutrition, detoxification, and exercise to maintain a good balanced.  With the popular slogan “use it or lose it”, our systems do experience atrophy at every level.  Even one week of inactivity, our muscles, and nerves can atrophy! The good news is that our body can regenerate healthier tissues with the chiropractic treatment plan.  Our treatment plan is composed of soft tissue treatment, traction, chiropractic manipulative therapy, therapeutic exercise, nutrition, and education about self management.  Our soft tissue techniques are massage therapy, mysofascial release, trigger point therapy, active release technique, and Graston Technique.